Dream Girl 2 Review, Release Date, Box Office Earnings, and Cast

Dream Girl 2 Review: “Dream Girl 2” Review: Ayushmann Khurrana makes a triumphant return in this amusing and entertaining comedy. This highly anticipated sequel once again demonstrates Khurrana’s comedic brilliance. The film’s captivating storyline has garnered attention for its blend of fun, laughter, and a touch of romance. Furthermore, the film’s release date and potential box office haul have piqued the interest of both fans and moviegoers.

Dream Girl 2 Review

Dream Girl 2 Review
Dream Girl 2 Review

“Dream Girl 2” is a happy and entertaining film. Ayushmann Khurrana’s comedic abilities shine, making people laugh and enjoy themselves. The story holds the audience’s attention throughout. Ananya Panday’s friendship with Ayushmann Khurrana is a nice touch. The film addresses serious issues while remaining lighthearted. Finally, “Dream-Girl 2” is a well-crafted comedy that fans of comedy and Ayushmann Khurrana’s acting will enjoy. Dream Girl 2 Review

Dream Girl 2 Box Office Earnings

“Dream Girl 2” has made a strong debut at the box office, launching with a bang on its first day. Initial estimates place the first day’s earnings at around 9 to 10 crores. The enthusiastic audience response suggests that the film’s box office journey will be successful. The film’s early earnings establish a positive outlook for its overall success in the coming days, thanks to its engaging comedy and drama. Dream Girl 2 Review

Day 1₹10.69 Crores
Day 2₹14.02 Crores
Day 3₹ 16.00 Cr * [ May Be Earn]
Day 4Updating Soon
Day 5Updating Soon
Day 6Updating Soon
Day 7Updating Soon

The Story of Dream Girl 2

The plot of “Dream Girl 2” revolves around Karam, a young boy who finds himself in an amusing yet challenging situation. Karam falls in love with Pari while navigating the complexities of his life in the town of Mathura. To alleviate his financial difficulties, Karam takes on an unusual job as a female voice artist for a telephone chat line under the alias “Pooja.” As Pooja becomes increasingly popular with callers, Karam is forced to manage his dual identities and the chaos that ensues. The film delves into themes of love, identity, and the comedic misadventures that result from Karam’s unusual situation. The film, directed by Raaj Shaandilya, promises laughter, romance, and a heartwarming journey.

Release Date for Dream Girl 2

“Dream Girl 2” is set to enchant audiences when it arrives in theaters on August 25, 2023. The cast, which includes Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday, promises a mix of comedy and drama. As the release date approaches, anticipation for this highly anticipated sequel grows.

Total Box Office Earnings for Dream Girl 2

Since its release, “Dream Girl 2” has done well at the box office. The total box office collection is currently 40.71 Cr. The film’s mix of comedy and romance has drawn audiences, contributing to its overall success. Fans and moviegoers are looking forward to seeing how the box office collection progresses in the coming days.

Overview of the film Dream Girl 2

Raaj Shaandilya’s “Dream Girl 2” is a Hindi comedy-drama film. The film, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday, is a sequel to the 2019 hit “Dream Girl.” The plot revolves around Karam, a small-town boy who impersonates a woman on the phone to earn money, which leads to a series of hilarious situations. Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms produces the film. It is scheduled to be released on August 25, 2023, and promises to be a fun and entertaining cinematic experience.

According to early reports, “Dream-Girl 2” had a strong opening day at the box office, earning around 9 to 10 crores. People are ecstatic, and it appears that the film will continue to do well. The film combines comedic elements with a love story. The sequel, directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa, reintroduces Ayushmann Khurrana, who plays two characters, Pooja and Karam.

“Dream Girl 2” is more than just a comedy; it’s a story about love and self-discovery. Characters find themselves in amusing situations as a result of misunderstandings, eventually learning to embrace their uniqueness. The film seamlessly blends humor and heartfelt moments, ensuring a satisfying viewing experience for all.

Trailer for Dream Girl 2

The “Dream-Girl 2” trailer transports us to a world of laughter, love, and mishaps. It demonstrates Ayushmann Khurrana’s incredible acting abilities as he plays two characters, Karam and Pooja. Karam’s amusing journey is depicted as he pretends to be Pooja on the phone. The trailer promises a good time with funny conversations, cute moments, and some romance. We can’t wait for the movie to come out and enjoy all of the comedy and sweetness it brings as the characters face hilarious conundrums.

Dream Girl 2 Review: My Thoughts

“Dream-Girl 2” is, in my opinion, a delightful sequel that delivers on its promise of laughter and entertainment. Ayushmann Khurrana’s dual role performance adds depth to the comedy, and Ananya Panday rounds out the cast nicely. The film’s engaging plot and witty dialogue make it a pleasure to watch. It’s a well-balanced mix of comedy and charm that keeps the audience interested the entire time.


Finally, Ayushmann Khurrana’s impressive dual role in “Dream Girl 2” provides both laughter and entertainment. The film’s wit, engaging plot, and strong performances by the cast all contribute to an enjoyable cinematic experience. It’s a lighthearted film that will leave you smiling.

Trailer for Dream Girl 2

FAQ’s for Dream Girl 2

When did “Dream-Girl 2” come out?

On August 25, 2023, “Dream Girl 2” was released.

Who was the director of “Dream Girl 2”?

Raaj Shaandilya directed the film.

Who play the main characters in the film?

Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday play the lead roles.

Is “Dream Girl 2” a follow-up?

“Dream Girl 2” is, indeed, a sequel to the 2019 film “Dream Girl.”

What genre does “Dream Girl 2” fall under?

Dream Girl 2′′ is classified as a comedy-drama.

Is the film suitable for children?

Yes, “Dream Girl 2” is a family film that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

What are the film’s critics saying?

The film’s comedy, performances, and entertaining storyline have been praised by critics, making it a worthwhile watch.

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